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Where the action is

I can't seem to leave Live Journal behind entirely, so I will continue to post here infrequently.

To really keep up with my latest doings, check out Teresa with no "h" dot com.


Unleash Your Story

It's that time again, folks. We are busy unleashing stories to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The event is called--Unleash Your Story and it is hosted by the authors of Romance Unleashed a group of friends (including yours truly) who all had our first book published by Zebra. One of our members, Lori Devoti has two kids with cystic fibrosis and we all wanted to help. So--we decided to create an event that would bring readers and writers together to make a difference in the lives of people who are living with cystic fibrosis.

We chose the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because they are well known as an efficient charity that is at the forefront of funding research for treatment of cystic fibrosis.

How can you help?

We'd love to have you join us in participating in the event. Set a goal of reading a certain number of pages, or writing a certain number of words in the month of September. Then ask your friends, neighbors and relatives to sponsor your efforts by making a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It's all done online, so you don't have to do any knocking on doors to collect money. Just sign up at:


Then e-mail us at: info@unleashyourstory.com and let us know your reading or writing goal. There are prizes for folks who raise money as well as for readers and writers. Check out our website for more information, including the scoop on how you can earn free books and more.

Don't have time to participate this year? You can go to my donation page and sponsor me. Just click here and make your donation.

De-cluttering the life

I've been working on de-cluttering my house and my life. They go hand-in-hand, don't you think?

In the past few days, I found an easy clutter removal that is really making me feel better. I've removed all those icons from my desktop. In Windows Vista (it may work in prior Windows versions too, I don't know), right click on the taskbar. You can select the toolbars you want to include on the taskbar. Check "Desktop" and all your icons disappear off the desktop. Instead, you click on the little >> sign next to the word Desktop on your taskbar. Voila, you have all your desktop icons and you can select.

I love this. I always put photos I love on my desktop and it really bugs me when those photos are mucked up by my icons. Here's my current desktop photo:

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The writing life as it might be

I just posted an old short story of mine (newly edited and tweaked) over on my website. Check it out in my Extras page at tbodwell.com


Is it possible to spread yourself too thin on the internet?

Yup. Possible and likely, it seems to me. I've just joined facebook (hey, friend me!) and I'm finding it kind of fun. I also discovered that my Twitter posts (Tweets?) can go direct to facebook, so I don't have to directly answer the "What are you doing right now?" question on facebook. That saves time, right? Well, except for the fact that I have friends there and they comment on my status and then I comment on theirs and it goes on.

I'm also keeping up pretty well with my new blog teresa with no "h" dot com and I'm trying to keep up with Unleash Your Story, Athena Critique Services and tbodwell.com. Definitely spread too thin.

So, if you miss me here. Please check one of those other sites. You're sure to find me.

Rose Parade tradition

Read about my long love of the Rose Parade at my blog, teresawithnoh.com

I haven't disappeared

I've just been blogging over at my new site-- teresawithnoh.com

I'll try to pop in here from time to time, but that is my new hangout--so please come over and say hello. Today's post is about the focus on shopping in the news.

Writing:is it a drug?

I'm at the Emerald City Writers Conference in beautiful Bellevue, Washington.

The trouble with conferences, especially if you're a presenter, is that you don't get time to write. I try. I carry a little notebook around with me and I jot. But it isn't the same as writing.

For the first couple of days that I was here, I spent all my computer time trying to grade essays and prepare my presentations. I swear that I felt a strong physical ache when I was not writing. I'm at that place with my WIP where it is difficult to think about other things. Putting clothes in the dryer, taking a shower, giving the dog his medication. All those things that normally get done in the day are distractions from the writing.

But this not writing at all--no. It hurts.

I think the pain is less today and I see that as a problem. The withdrawal symptoms are fading. Isn't that a sign that the addiction is passing?

We write our best stories when we need to write them. When we are compelled.  If the characters are holding us to the keyboard with a figurative gun to our heads--forcing us to tell their stories--we will be able to write that story that won't let the reader go either. The page turner. The novel readers must tell their friends about.

I think this explains the importance of writing every single day. If you get too far away from the story, you lose this forward momentum.. Now that I have this insight--I do think writing must be some kind of a drug. Anyone know of a study that shows writing raises serotonin levels, or something along those lines? Who cares. 

We know. We feel it. We live it.

This is one addiction I intend to keep.

Now this is cool!

Google labs has come up with a solution--or at least a preventative to those hastily sent e-mails. The idea is that you must answer a math question to show that you are serious about sending that e-mail telling the boss off or inviting your ex to perform certain anatomically difficult actions. 

Check out this post about Mail Goggles

Now, if they can figure out a way to stop me from sending to the wrong person from my address book.

Time to set a new writing goal

I'm a bit over 15,000 words on my new novel. I want a 70,000 word draft done by November 1. I'm using WriteWay Pro, which has this cool word count tracking feature. It tells me that I must write 1,704 words per day to get my draft done on time.

No--wait. I just remembered I have to take out the days I'm going to be at the Emerald City Writers Conference. So, that puts the minimum up to 1,880. I've been pretty successful at writing 1,000 words per day. Now it's time to get really serious and see if I can come up with 2,000 words a day.

I think I can do it. I'm going to reset my word count tracker (I'm using the cute little worm from Zokutou) in the sidebar there. You'll be able to check it and keep me honest on this. Let's see if we can get a full grown worm there by November 1!

Okay, off to write.

Homecoming week

Tomorrow is Homecoming at the University of Montana. This is a big deal in Missoula as the parade involves the entire town. The thing I love about the week leading up to the big parade is that i get a ringside seat to practices by the Hellgate Marching Band.

The Hellgate band marches up and down my street and the surrounding neighborhood, playing their music and banging their drums. No. Seriously, I love this. I can't help myself. I'm a band geek from way back myself. Having played for four years in the John A. Rowland High School Band. Later I spent three years playing clarinet in the U.S. Army in the Continental Army Band (now the TRADOC band).

I love a parade! Forget the floats, the waving politicians and candy-tossing clowns. I just want to hear the beat of the drums and the spirited strains of a good march. Keep those columns and rows straight tomorrow, Hellgate Knights. I'll be watching!

I'm still working on that goal of $500 for the Unleash Your Story Event. If you haven't donated yet, please consider making a $5 or $10 donation to put me over the top! Just click here to donate.

Unleash Your Story

Click above to sponsor me!

Follow my word count progress below